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Journeys With Jazz
CEO- Jasmin Smith
Originally Located in Dallas, TX
Relocated to Bloomington,IL


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  • I want to book a custom trip how does that work?
    To book a custom trip we ask that 1 person from the solo, group, etc. fills out the research inquiry form. Only 1 form is to filled out and 1 payment of $25 is needed for the research inquiry form.
  • What charges are made with booking with JWJ?
    $50 booking fee for each person over the age of 2. Will be included in the quoted price. $25 for custom inquiry form $50 cancellation each person/$50 every change made after booked trip (includes changing of names, removing individuals from a trip, departure changes, etc.)
  • Why is there a research fee?
    As a travel agent, we are here to be an expert professional for your travel needs. Researching each resort/destinations takes time. We want to be able to provide you with the bets travel and meet all of your needs. Research consists of the time spent reaching out to resorts for certain accommodations, tracking prices to make sure you as a client always gets the best deal through several vendors, and tailoring for your individual needs. We want to make sure all time is accounted for in creating the perfect journey.
  • How much is the booking fee?
    The booking fees are $50 per person over the age of 2. Every client that we have to create and register for will be charged a fee. For example if a deal we have shows a deposit of $100. The booking fee is included in this price and will go towards your deposit of your travel.
  • Why do you charge a cancellation fee?
    Due to Covid-19, cancellations, delays, and other unforeseen reasons for cancellations. We have to implement a cancellation fee of $50 per person. Even if you purchase insurance there will still be a cancellation fee attached to the travel and must be paid beforehand. Cancellations with vendors can take up to hours over the phone due to current delays. Please make sure once you sign the terms and conditions you are familiar with the cancellation fees.
  • How long does it take for a custom quote?
    Allow72-96 hours for each custom quote unless advised otherwise. You are allowed 1 quote per location stated . For example, "Miami, Cancun, Los Angeles" are locations listed. You will receive 1 quote per city/country for comparison. If you put only "Miami". Only 3 quotes are made for the 1 location. The response period is only 48 hours. So please be deposit ready when sending a research inquiry.
  • What is a typical deposit amount?
    Typically we work with vendors whose deposits are $100-$250. Some deposits might be more depending on the travel. This Is a typical price for land only. With flights added the deposits are increased. We encourage to buy land only with JWJ and your own flight to have a lower deposit.
  • How do I pay after filling out the research from?
    There is a square link button location on the site of the Research Inquiry page. Quotes Research start when the payment has been sent.
  • How do I get on a payment plan for a trip?
    Trip must be more than 45 days out to be put on a payment plan. Trip must be paid off 45 days before departure. Plan accordingly if payment plan is needed.
  • I was not approved for Uplift?
    Uplift does soft credit checks and we have no association on the detail and approving of uplift. Payment plans are still an option with JWJ.
  • I saw a deal on social media, how do I book?
    Send an email to or fill out the form on the Deals page if interested in a social media deal. The deals reflected are without flights but can be added with no charge. Research Fee will not be charged for any of these deals. Complimentary date changes from deals are allowed. (Up to 1 different date than what is listed) A fee of $10 applies after the first complimentary date change. All deals are without flight but land only(destination only). All prices are subjected to change depending on the time of booking. All prices are based on double occupancy (two people per room). ​ All listings are guaranteed 4 star or above.
  • What are you fees for Wedding Destinations?
    For Research, The fee is $50 and that will cover up to 3 locations. Every location after 3 is an additional $25. For Travel Agent hiring purposes our base fee is $250. The expectations are listed on the Wedding Destination page of our website.
  • We need custom items for our wedding?
    We also have a design team JazzorizeDesigns LLC. This team can create invitations, customs, wedding save the dates, and so much more. Propose the idea, and JD LLC will put it into action. Email us her with your inquiry.
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