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Garden Wedding Table

Wedding Destination 

What to expect:

• We will assist you in making an informed decision on a destination and venue for your wedding based on the information you provide and working within your established budget.

• We will make the initial arrangements with the resort or venue regarding your wedding date and time. Once you are

confirmed you will then communicate directly with the on-site wedding coordinator, officiant or representative.

• We will provide you with guidelines and checklists regarding your travel arrangements and pre-wedding preparations.

• We will educate you on any application and/or legal requirements needed; it is however your responsibility to follow through with these requirements.

• We will make travel arrangements for you and your guests and provide ongoing support until the end of travel.

• We will keep you informed of guests who have made travel arrangements.

• We will answer or research any question or concerns you have at any time before, during or after you and your guests have traveled.

• We will create an easy navigation for wedding attendees for booking. It will have its own web page similar to the example video shown.

If needing to book Custom Design Services for Wedding such as invitations, save the date customs, and more. Email our design team with inquiries.

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