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Research Inquiry Form

The first step in booking a vacation with Journeys with Jazz is filling out the Research Inquiry form below. Here we gain knowledge of tailoring the perfect vacation for your future travel.


There is a non refundable $25 fee for our research package. We ensure you will receive the best package available and any discount that applies. 

The fees covers 3-4 quotes and will be provided within 72 -96 hours after submission unless advised otherwise. You then will have 48 hours to submit an approval. Vacation prices changes rapidly and can only be held for 48 hours after research. 

Your package quotes will look similar to the video shown. It's a break down of each location, dining options, excursions, special features, spa, prices and so much more.

Booking Process


Step 1 Pay $25 Research Fee Fee covers 3-4 quotes. Wait 72 -96 hrs for a quote email to be sent back.


Step 2 Fill In The Research Form Fill in the form and its entirety


Step 3 Decide & Respond Decide which quote fits your travel needs. You will have to pay another $25 research fee if response is given after time hold time frame. (48 hours)


Step 5 Fill out corresponding forms during booking process (will be sent*) Terms & Conditions* Insurance Waiver* Travelers Information* Passport Information* (if needed)


Step 4 Pay Deposit We off several payment options. Decide what works best for your travel needs. Full payment is an option as well.


Step 6 Your Journey Is Now Booked

Research Inquiry Form

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